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New Vietnamese restaurant in Toowoomba region: 

Original Saigon is a family-owned restaurant, bringing the authentic Vietnamese flavours to the heart of Toowoomba. The menu features with meals full of flavour and signature recipe.

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Chef’s Recommended Dishes:

When you hear about Vietnamese foods; perhaps some of the first things that come to mind would be Pho, Banh Mi, and Rice Paper Rolls, right? 

If you are craving for these types of foods, there is no other place to go in Toowoomba but Original Saigon. We offers the freshest and most authentic selections of Vietnamese dishes that will surely satisfy your taste!

Classic Viet Soup

Pho Toowoomba - Original Saigon Restaurant

The hot climate and a hot soup doesn’t go along, right? Well, not in Vietnam. Pho is a local soup that is enjoyed by many even in the hot summer days while they happily wipe off the sweat from their faces. If you have had this Classic Viet soup, then you clearly know why it’s all worth it.

Noodle Salad 

Bun Thit Nuong - Original Saigon Restaurant Toowoomba

To be taken as a light dinner or enjoyed with your friends as a quick lunch, Bun is a light meal with distinctive Vietnamese flavors. The bun is a noodle salad that is a combo of juicy meats and rice noodles garnished with fresh herbs. Served at your local Vietnamese restaurant in Toowoomba, Bun is an ideal dish to be consumed in all sorts of weather. Being one of the most populous dishes in Vietnam behind Pho and rice, a bowl of Bun is a must for all the food crazy.

O Banh Mi |
Viet Baguette

O Banh Mi  Toowoomba- Original Saigon Restaurant

O Banh Mi is a classic combination between the European cuisine and Vietnamese flavors. One of the distinctive dishes of Vietnam, O Banh Mi is a light dish that can be enjoyed in your lunchtime. O Banh Mi is a fresh crispy French baguette that is filled with mouth-watering pate(our pate), chilli, and sauce. O Banh Mi usually have pork fillings; however, if you are looking for other option, you may go for chicken filings as well along with green crunchy cucumbers, carrot pickles and coriander. This lightweight sandwich is a healthy takeaway option in Toowoomba.

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What an incredible experience! Id never had Pho before - and Original Saigon Restaurant (286 Ruthven Street Toowoomba City), has set the bar very high! 

I had my food delivered and I received it hot, and deconstructed - so that once the soup was added to the noodles everything would remain hot and delicious, rather than losing structure on the way! 

I will most certainly be back - cant wait to try more new and exciting options! 

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