by Original Saigon Team

December 19, 2019

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and up for a challenging climb, then you have got to explore the Table Top Mountain. At the top of the mountain, you will be able to get a 360-degree view of the Lockyer Valley.

The Table Top Mountain is at the easternmost tip of South Street Toowoomba. It is located 700 feet above sea level.  It has a volcanic origin and is famous for having a flat peak and for being a treeless summit. It, however, has kangaroo grass and some native grasses.

The area of Table Top is significant to traditional natives. It is a protected area under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 and is recognized by the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Register.

The climb to the summit of the Table Top Mountain can be challenging as the route is not maintained.  The route does not have any signage. It is however relatively easy to find and stay on the trail.

The climb to the summit of the Table Top Mountain starts at the Camel’s Hump. The route to the top of the Camel’s Hump is steep. On the way down you will need to climb over rocks.  It definitely is not a leisurely walk to the top and down.

The spectacular view and the sense of achievement you will feel when you reach the summit is worth the demanding climb.  There is circuit at the summit that will tour you all around Table Top.

From the summit, you can view the Prince Henry Heights to the north, the Main Range in the south, the Lockyer Valley to the east and to the west, the Toowoomba City.

There are no fees to climb the Table Top Mountain. It is open 24 hours and every day families make the climb. The trick for a safe climb is to wear really good footwear. Be sure to also wear sunscreen and bring along a hat.

A serious consideration when making the climb is not to rush. If you are climbing with kids, a safe climb will take about 90 minutes. It is also best to inform someone that you are making the climb and when you are expected back.

For any inquiries you may call +61 131872.

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