by Original Saigon Team

April 9, 2019


The bun is a cold linguine noodle dish, packed with crunchy green vegetables like cucumber and lettuce, sweet and sour juicy pickled carrots and an overload of fresh herbs. Bun comes with a wide array of sizzling meat options to choose from. Bun is ideal for anyone looking for a meal that is both easy on stomach and budget. The ingredients used in the dish make sure that the food is easily digestible and also do not cost a lot.

To offer you a twist in the Vietnamese food, you can find a rice alternative to noodles with optional flavors including: pork spring rolls, vegetarian spring rolls and tofu. With so many options to choose from, you won’t ever get tired having your favourite Vietnamese food.


Making the BUN takes quite some time, and its making procedures must be followed in the same way as they were done years back. The rice for the Bun is carefully selected. The rice is roasted, treated well and then soaked overnight. Once soaked properly, the soaked rice is being blended with water to form a sticky dough of rice flour. The sticky dough is then treated with sour water and are then kneaded. Once the dough turns to starch, it is then added to the noodle mold. After the noodles are molded, they are then boiled for a few minutes for them to ripen and to make sure they do not stick to each other. In almost all the Vietnamese restaurants, Bun is made in the same manner as it is made back in Vietnam

Ingredients for this Vietnamese delicacy are Vermicelli noodles. This dish also includes crunchy cucumber, sweet and sour pickled carrot, green lettuce, mint all dressed in taste-bud tingling NUOC MAM. All over Vietnam, the ingredients remain the same.


  • Classical: Home-style pork spring rolls, Marinated Pork Mince, BBQ Pork 
  • Pork Spring Rolls
  • Seafood Spring Rolls 
  • BBQ Pork
  • Tofu & Vegan spring rolls

Nutrition Value:

  • Home-style pork spring rolls – 2610kJ
  • Tofu & veg spring rolls – 2445kJ
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