by Original Saigon Team

August 6, 2019

Pregnant and worried what food to take-away? Want takeaway food that is both delicious and safe for you and the baby? We at the Original Saigon Restaurant certainly has a roster of delicious and safe takeaway food when pregnant you can choose from.  

Takeaways from the Original Saigon are always a go-to for our loyal customers.  We serve authentic Vietnamese flavors that we promise you can find hard to resist. Most of our loyal customers say they find their comfort foods here -- PHO, Bun Cha, Banh Mi, and rice paper rolls! To name just a few…and we are sure you will be too, even if you are expecting and cannot just eat anything you want without considering what is safe for the baby first.

Some of the items in our extensive Vietnamese menu are perfect for pregnant women craving for Vietnamese food. Banh Mi is one. It is one of our light dish that you can take out without worrying whether listeria bacteria can grow from the time between purchase and consumption. It is a classic French baguette with a twist. The baguette is crispy and filled with our distinctive pate, chill, and sauce that is a rich combination of Vietnamese and European flavors.

We usually serve our Banh Mi with pork fillings, but if delicate taste buds during pregnancy makes you prefer chicken fillings, then we’ll gladly change them for you!  All our meats are cooked well and handled properly, so guaranteed no harmful bacteria. If chicken and pork are not working for you, then you can also opt to go for all-vegetables instead. Regardless of what you choose, we can assure you that taking these sandwiches home for consumption is safe even for pregnant women.

You can also opt to add cucumbers, carrot pickles and coriander as well if our sauce feels too much and if these feel healthier for you and the baby growing inside you. Try all of them!

If you want to personally recommend our sandwiches to your other pregnant friends, feel free to do so. Or better yet, why not put up a franchise of Original Saigon restaurant?

Learning how to start a takeaway food business now while you’re pregnant so you can secure a brighter future for your baby!

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