Gluten-free Restaurant: Best Vietnamese Food in Toowoomba

Inside look of Original Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant in Toowoomba

There is no denying the fact that Vietnamese dishes are some of the tastiest and most flavorful cuisines that you can try.
Moreover, the dishes are heavily based on rice flour, rice, and rice noodles so eating gluten-free will not be that difficult.

When in Toowoomba, one of the best Vietnamese restaurants that you can try is the Original Saigon. In our restaurant, we are not just about delivering quality and delicious meals. Your health is our priority too.

That is why we have decided to provide you with this gluten-free guide Vietnamese food to our menu. In this guide, we will share with you which of our dishes are gluten-free and which are not.

Gluten-Free Guide: Best Vietnamese Food to Try

Whether you speak Vietnamese or not, being familiar with the dishes that are considered safe for people dealing with celiac diseases can help you navigate around their cuisines a lot easier. That is what we will explore in this section. Below are the Original Saigon dishes that are safe for you to order:

1. Goi Cuon

Vietnam is known for their fresh, savory and delectable spring rolls and that is why this is one of our star dishes. So are our spring rolls gluten-free?

You will be happy to know that they are! Our version of Goi Cuon features a mixture of minced meat and vegetables wrapped in rice paper. If you are wondering if are rice paper rolls gluten-free, they surely are because those are made from rice and not flour.  In our restaurant, you have four meat choices. These include pork, chicken, prawn, and tofu, so you are free to choose which one you like the best!

2. Pho

This is the most popular Vietnamese dish of all, and you would certainly want to try
this dish when you visit the country. But is pho gluten-free? Well, there is no straightforward answer to this.

Pho uses flat rice noodles which most people refer to as vermicelli. If you ask us if is vermicelli gluten-free, it is, so Pho is naturally gluten-free, right? Well, that depends.

You see, some restaurants and food establishments use a soup base that may contain gluten. You can ask the restaurant to verify that the entire recipe of the pho is gluten-free.

In our case, our pho broth is completely gluten-free, so you are rest assured that are Pho dish is safe for you to eat. We have four types of Pho in our menu, so there is the right Pho choice for everyone. These include rare beef, rare beef
+ meatballs, chicken, and tofu.

But please keep in mind that you should be careful with the types of condiments\ that you use for your pho. Most people use hoisin or chili sauce for this dish. Those are two condiments that contain wheat so you should steer clear from them.

3. Chicken Curry

For something filling and satisfying, our chicken curry is indeed a great option. It is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for something more flavorful yet healthy.

However, some people are a bit doubtful about the safety of this dish because of the
many spices and condiments that it contains.

First, it contains fish sauce. Is fish sauce gluten-free? Oh yes!

Second, it has coconut milk. This is another gluten-free condiment that is entirely safe for you.

Third, it has curry powder which is naturally gluten-free. However, cross contamination sometimes, but that will never be an issue for us since we use high-quality curry powder for this dish!

If you choose our chicken curry, you will be given three options for side dishes—noodles, steamed rice, and baguette. Among these choices, only the noodles and steamed rice are gluten-free. Baguette contains flour, so it is most definitely not an option.

4. Crab Noodle Soup

If you are looking for something comforting and filling, we can tell you that our crab noodle soup will not disappoint. The good news about it is—this is completely gluten-free and perfectly safe for you.

For this soup, we use rice noodle soup that has no trace of flour. This flavor-packed soup is perfect for the cold days. It also contains shrimp paste, herbs and veggies, and pounded crabs which will surely satisfy your taste buds!

5. Goi

This is a cold vegetable salad that is made mostly of cabbage, carrots, onions and mint. For the toppings, we give you two options—beef and chicken.

6. Nem Nuong

If you are craving for something meaty and savory, our nem nuong. This recipe is made of minced pork that has been flavored with onion, garlic and fish sauce, black pepper, and sugar. The ingredients in this recipe are all gluten-free. We then formed the mixture into sausages.

This is a popular side dish which you can pair with steamed rice and other main dishes in our menu.

Gluten-Free Guide: Vietnamese Food to Avoid

Now, let us head to the list of dishes in our menu that you need to avoid. The good news is, this list is pretty short since most of our dishes are safe for you to eat. If you are ready, let’s begin.

1. Crispy Chicken Skin

This is the crispiest chicken skin that you can ever try. But while we do not dredge the chicken skin in flour, this dish is cooked in the same oil where other deep fried breaded dishes are cooked so it may contain minimal amount of gluten.  

2. Banh Mi

We offer different types of Banh Mi—pork, chicken, eggs, and meatballs. This is a Vietnamese sandwich which obviously involves bread so apparently, this is not a dish that you should consider.

3. Marinated chicken Wings/ Pork/ Beef

You can find marinated meats all over Vietnam—in the restaurants, streets and just about everywhere. But do not only assume that it is alright for you to have a bite. It would be better if you ask the cook or waiter first if it is marinated in a mixture that contains soy sauce.

In Summary

Here at Original Saigon Restaurant, we care about both your satisfaction and health. That is why we try to deliver gluten-free and healthy meals for you as much as possible. We hope that this simple guide can help you make the right healthy eating decision when you browse through our menu.