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Inside look of Original Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant in Toowoomba

Hungry but would rather stay at home?

Looking for a top-notch delivery restaurant in Toowoomba? 

Want food that you can order online so you don’t even have to make a phone call?

The Original Saigon Restaurant in Toowoomba is your best bet. Not only do we offer delicious and authentic Vietnamese dishes that can satisfy all sort of palates, but we also have top food delivery services that ensure staying in and dining at the comfort of your home is as enjoyable as going out.

Original Saigon Restaurant offers quality food delivery Toowoomba restaurants cannot compete with. It’s a family-owned restaurant that offers the most authentic of Vietnamese flavors to Toowoomba people. If you think it can be quite difficult to find authentic Vietnamese foods in Australia, try us!

Those who have dined at our restaurant have heavily praised our meals for being full of flavor that they cannot compare to other restaurants. Some of you even said that you will come back in a heartbeat for our food. However, if you refuse to leave your homes on certain days and want food delivered to door instead, fret not!

Let us bring impress you with our food delivery specials instead.

Already, some of our most loyal customers left great feedback about our services. As such, we are confident to say that we are one of the restaurants that offer the most efficient takeaway delivery Toowoomba people ever experienced. Experience it yourself.

Ready to have food delivered to your door Toowoomba residents? Read on for our menu and food delivery specials!

Original Saigon Restaurant's Menu:

At Original Saigon Restaurant, you can always find something to satisfy your Vietnamese food craving. Our menu is full of authentic and healthy Vietnamese cuisine that does not scrimp on flavor. Quality ingredients are used, so the foods we offer are top-notch, designed to make each of your meal with us certainly worth your money. This applies to foods eaten at our physical restaurant or food delivered to your door Toowoomba people!

Check out our wide array of offerings below you can have any time – they’re healthy, fresh, and even fast, regardless if you dine-in, take out, or choose delivery. Remember, we offer Sunday food delivery too.

  • Pho Classic Vietnamese Soup
  • Goi Cuon Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
  • Banh Mi Viet Baguette
  • Goi Vietnamese Salad
  • Bun Noodle Salad

These are just some of our bestsellers. If you’re vegan, pregnant, or have a special condition, note that we can adjust the ingredients of our food for you. We have options for everyone, even those who are simply too tired to go out and just want to order in. Just check out our website for all the food that you can order online.

Original Saigon Restaurant Fast Home Food Delivery Details, Hours, and Areas

If you are ready to have our Vietnamese bestsellers delivered to your doorstep, you can do so conveniently by downloading through our food ordering app. Just download our app either from the Apple Store or Google Play.

If you live anywhere in the following areas, then there will be no problem getting our food delivered to you, even during Sundays!

  • Toowoomba City
  • North Toowoomba
  • South Toowoomba
  • East Toowoomba
  • Centenary Heights
  • Darling Heights
  • Drayton
  • Harristown
  • Glenvale
  • Harlaxton
  • Kearneys Spring
  • Middle Ridge
  • Mount Lofty
  • Prince Henry Heights,
  • Rangeville
  • Rockville
  • Wilsonton
  • Wilsonton Heights

Not only do we offer Sunday food delivery, but our delivery hours also ensure you can have your Pho classic Vietnamese soup satisfied anytime. If you cannot wait and want to eat now Toowoomba friends, order our food online now! 

We deliver during the same time as our store operating hours. This means you can have food delivered from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

Wondering whether you have to skip lunch because you don’t want to go out?

Just order our food online through our app!

Craving our food and yet holding back because you think you need to order a lot? Nope. We do not have a minimum order required to order. Other Toowoomba food delivery restaurants usually have minimum orders and that can be quite a drag.

Also, our fees only start at a low $5. Want a Banh Mi Viet Baguette or ten orders of our Vietnamese Baguette? Order away!

What customers are saying: 

Many residents and tourists have many great things to say about the Original Saigon Restaurant. They have gone online to share their thoughts.

  • Sela
  • Timi
  • JOhn
  • Kate
  • Kathy
  • Yay
  • Steven
  • anna
  • Tina
  • Peipei
  • Olip
  • Dee

Fantastic and authentic Vietnamese cuisine is not the things to  keep us coming back to the Original Saigon Restaurant. The service is great including dine-in, takeaway, delivery. The menu is also reasonably priced and we have big servings.

Great service including dine-in, takeaway or delivery


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