by Original Saigon Team

April 8, 2019


The recipe for pho classic Viet noodle soup is hard to duplicate or remake and making this classic Vietnam Pho soup each day demands lengthy procedures such as overnight broth brewing. However, we have managed to speed up the procedures without a single sacrifice to the taste or flavour of this classic Viet noodle soup.

Pho has an incredible lightness in terms of texture and extreme richness in flavor that captures the true essence of harmony in Vietnamese Cuisine. The linguine-shaped noodle soup is a blend of flat-rice noodle locally called bánh phở, a sprinkle of herbs, hot broth, and meat. Pho is served in either chicken or beef.

When it comes to accents, who can forget the classic garnishing over each serving of soup: crispy spring onions and onions along with mouthwatering chili and a squeeze of a juicy lemon to top it off. So good, you’ll crave for more. 

Food history:

Pho is considered one of the signature dishes of the country and is believed to be first made in the early 20th century somewhere in Northern Vietnam. The term pho is believed to be influenced by the le pot au feu – a boiled French dish. Though flat rice noodles and broth soup characterises Vietnamese cuisine, it is believed that the meat and other ingredients were added to meet the French taste. Though no one is quite sure where the name of the dish originated, one theory suggests that the word “pho” means fire and it originated because of French feu corruption in the region.

The classic Viet noodle soup recipe varies significantly across the country. In Northern Vietnam, the spices are kept to a minimum whereas, in the southern region up to 15 different spices can be added for a single serving of Pho.


Pho - Classic Viet noodle soup is a mixture of beef bones that enrich the soup with full-bodied flavor, onions and charred garlic along with a pinch of cinnamon and star anise to give this classic Vietnam soup its distinctive aromatics. The broth is often brewed for long hours, preferably overnight. To give a mouth-watering flavor contrast, thin slices of brisket are mixed and cooked in the broth along with fresh chillies, Thai basil and crispy bean sprouts.


  • Shredded chicken
  • Sliced rare beef
  • Rare beef & Beef brisket
  • Rare beef & Meat balls 
  • Combination(Rare beef, meat balls and beef brisket)
  • Chicken and Tofu



  • Shredded chicken – 2015kJ(481596.558317 Calories)
  • Sliced rare beef – 2111kJ(504541.108987 Calories)
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