by Original Saigon Team

December 19, 2019

The Queen’s Park and Botanical Gardens is a 25-hectare park featuring landscaped gardens, BBQ grills, playgrounds and more.

Located in 43 Lindsay Street, East Toowoomba, this is a State-Heritage-listed park which first opened to the public in the late 1800s.  This parkland has kept the public recreation reserve of the 19th intact.

In the 1920s, Toowoomba was named as the Garden City of Queensland because of numerous well-organized gardens around the city. The Queen’s Park and Botanical Gardens is the most revered example.

The Queen’s Park and Botanical Gardens is a serene space amidst the bustling Central Business District of the city of Toowoomba.

During the winter, the botanical garden sits against an evergreen background of manicured edges and hedges as well as other specimens.

In the summer, the garden shouts out of color and in autumn showcases its own unique glow with orange swirls and dollops of red falling creating a colorful carpet in the ground.

Strolling through this vast parkland is a must for every visitor of Toowoomba.  It has been enjoyed by local residents and regional visitors for many generations.

This parkland houses an amazing garden collection of seasonal plants set amidst rows of towering trees and lush lawns.  The parkland also has two playgrounds for the kids to enjoy and an area for your dogs to run around.

The Alfred Thomas Memorial stands in the center of the Gardens in recognition for his contributions to the development of the railways in the region.

Thousands of seedlings are planted every year in garden beds with geometric shapes. The planting is timed to allow the new plants to be in full bloom for the Carnival of Flowers.

The Queens Park and Botanic Gardens hosts a variety of annual events and community activities.

The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers is the most prominent annual event with street parades and other activities. This festival attracts a lot of foreign visitors boosting the economy of Toowoomba. The Flower, Food and Wine Festival also attracts a lot of visitors.

If you cannot get enough of Botanical Gardens, visit the Newton Park & Queensland State Road Garden.

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