by Original Saigon Team

August 13, 2019

Food delivery apps are certainly god-sent. Not only does it allow us to get what we want to eat delivered right to our door, but it also allows us to order without needing to place a voice call. 

Sometimes calling is no fun, especially if you are an introvert. It also leaves room for a lot of errors to be committed, especially when you have a long list of foods you want to be delivered to your house. You no longer have to shout, “can you hear me now?” in frustration anymore with food delivery apps. 

Ordering food through delivery apps instead of placing a phone call makes more sense these days since almost everyone are already more comfortable with their desktops, laptops, and smartphones anyway. Restaurants are recognizing this too, so they are making online apps to cater to their loyal customers as well. This allows them to do away with having a lot of people watching the phone and taking customer orders. If they have an app for foods to be ordered, they can just be notified when an online order is placed, which will not ruin the workflow of employees. 

Restaurants also find having their own food delivery apps a joy because it meant being paid upfront. Usually, apps make sure customers can pay ahead and using their credit cards for payment too. This benefits both sides, the restaurant, and the customers. The delivery person also does not have to wring their hands waiting to be paid, sometimes in quarters even! Customers can have the option of paying using credit, and that is so much more convenient than counting cash or looking for pennies. The best food ordering app could also save the information of the client for convenience so ordering in the future can even be faster!

We at Original Saigon Restaurant know how customers love ordering through apps too. We have our own app in both iOS and Android, so order away.

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