by Original Saigon Team

August 6, 2019

Original Saigon offers healthier alternatives to your fast food cravings. In fact, all our foods can be considered light and healthy. Some of them are also gluten-free. Want to know what is the healthiest takeaway food in our menu? Then read on.

Naturally, when we say healthiest, this is still quite subjective. What is healthy for one person may not be the same for another. However, Original Saigon restaurant can assure you that all our menu items are healthy. We make our PHO, our Noodle Salad, our sandwiches, and rice paper rolls with the best ingredients and utmost care.

Our PHO even need to worry about it becoming cold and mushy. The beef included in the soup is premium and the herbs all fine-class, so the soup is clear and not cloudy. Our rice sheets and other rice paper products do not contain wheat flour and tapioca flour, so you do not have to worry about it so much if you want to eat gluten-free.

Our BANH MI can have pork, chicken, or vegetable fillings, so depending on what you find healthiest for your diet, you can choose. Naturally for some, having an all-vegetable banh mi is the healthiest. We assure you, even if it is healthy, it does not sacrifice the rich Vietnamese flavor we all love. You can enjoy eating a vegetable sandwich and still be very happy about it, not feeling deprived just because you do not have meat.

Of course, if you want the most usual food considered healthy and you can take out, then the salad is the best option. Our salad contains all fresh produce and quality meats. If you want no meat, then we can cater to your preference. Worried about our food becoming too cold once you reach home? Read our article on how to keep takeaway food warm here.

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