by Original Saigon Team

August 6, 2019

Perennially leading busy lives, even after work, we are sure that there are nights when dining out in your favourite places is just physically impossible to do. Want takeout food instead? We at Original Saigon Restaurant perfectly understand those days and sympathise with you.

Usually, the idea of whipping up something for yourself do not even sound appealing on those nights. Whenever bone-tired, we are sure some of you can become quite useless in the kitchen, just wanting something already cooked to eat. Take home our delicious foods and problem solved!

Among our offerings, PHO is just perfect to take away for nights when you want a good dinner but cannot stay out for so long and could not cook for the life of you. You might be thinking, cold broth, mushy noodles? Never mind. But can you really resist our Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of clear, uncloudy broth and our premium herbs and meat? Plus, you don’t have to settle for heating them at home. We have some tips on how to keep takeaway food warm.

We promise, you can have takeaway PHO still piping hot at home.

First, request from us to not cook your PHO noodles. Upon reaching home, put our special broth in a pot and boil. Cook the noodles in the broth and the meat we give you, and it will turn out just like what we serve in the restaurant!

Of course, if that is still too much of a work for you, then you can use an insulated food container. Just bring one and we’ll happily put our PHO in there for you to take home and enjoy.

Although some foods still stay delicious once they became cold, most lose their yumminess once they become a bit cold. This can be a problem for PHO, which is known to be best eaten hot. If you really want our PHO hot upon reaching home, the just follow our tips and you’re good to go – and eat! Takeaway food when pregnant? Our foods are perfect for that too.

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