by Original Saigon Team

August 6, 2019

Not only does Original Saigon restaurant offers you a wide array of authentic Vietnamese foods and flavors, the family-owned restaurant is also sensitive to the preferences of its diverse customers. 

Want gluten free food for takeout? We have them here.

People diagnosed with Celiac are increasing every day, so are the people who prefer their food without gluten. Instead of depriving them of good, Vietnamese food just because they cannot have gluten in their diet, the restaurant makes sure they would have these options too. What takeaway food is gluten free? Read on.

In case it is not to your knowledge, Saigon is a paradise for people with celiac disease. Wheat here is not used in the dishes as much as in Hanoi. Therefore, it is easy for us to make gluten-free foods for our customers too. Our pho, which is a crowd favorite, uses gluten-free fish sauce. 

You should probably skip our banh mi, but or rice paper rolls and Vietnamese noodle salad can be perfect as part of your gluten-free diets. We assure you that they do not contain tapioca flour nor have we used wheat flour in the intricate process of making these.

Sometimes, people make the misconception that just because Vietnamese food is rice-based, everything is already gluten-free. This is wrong. If the noodles, rice paper products and even rice sheets have the ingredients of wheat flour and tapioca flour, this can be dangerous for those who do not eat gluten. Other restaurants will not even inform you of these ingredients and this is where the problem comes in.

Our noodle salad is packed with green vegetables that are as crunchy as they are yummy. Examples of what you’ll find in your salad are cucumbers, lettuce, and carrots. It also comes with a wide choices of meat so you can choose to your heart’s desire. In general, our foods are all healthy and easily digestible too. What is the healthiest takeaway food? Read the next article.

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