by Original Saigon Team

August 13, 2019

Sometimes, knowing what you want to eat can be hard. You’re hungry and yet knowing what it is exactly what you want to eat can be a challenge. This applies even on foods you want to have delivered — you feel too tired or lazy to go out and at the same time, too tired and lazy to choose what to eat too! 

Be careful because this indecision can lead to bad food choices. Unfortunately, it is precisely why some eat so unhealthily these days, with delicious foods coming in with just a phone call or some clicking on one’s smartphone.  Too tired to cook? Pizza sounds good! Too lazy to go out? Ordering in a bucket of chicken sounds yummy! While doing this occasionally is fine, doing this every time you feel tired can be harmful.

Choices, choices, choices. Sometimes having too many choices can be expensive too. Knowing that there are various types of foods that you can have delivered right to your footstep can certainly tempt you to have everything delivered. After all, why choose to eat only pizza when you can eat gourmet food in front of your television almost every dinner?

If you know you are going to have food delivered tonight or for several nights, make sure to choose something delicious, healthy, and affordable, all at the same time. We at Original Saigon Restaurant just might meet all these criteria. Our pho, banh mi, noodle salads, rice paper rolls, and many more can satisfy your craving for yummy gourmet food but are healthy and reasonably priced.

We also offer highly efficient delivery services. No minimum orders and our fees only start at $5. Very reasonable indeed. So if you are in Toowoomba and stuck in a rut figuring out what to eat and want something different from your pizza and chicken, try our authentic, home-cooked Vietnamese cuisine.

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