Things To Do In Toowoomba: 5 Exciting Activities You Need To Know

Are you heading to the wonderful town of Toowoomba anytime soon? You certainly made the right travel decision! Toowoomba is known as the Darling Down region’s Garden City and is just a two-hour drive away from Brisbane. While this town is not as bustling and busy as Sydney nor as laid-back and scenic as the Gold Coast, it has its appealing charm that draws thousands of tourists year after year.

The main highlights of this town are its beautiful tourist spots and above all, the interesting activities that all tourists can enjoy. The city garnered its nickname because of its vibrant gardens and colourful parks, but there is more to this place than those scenic spots.

If you are wondering what the other things to do in Toowoomba are, you should read this short yet comprehensive travel guide.

1. Japanese Gardens USQ QLD

The Ju Raku En Japanese Garden is one of the largest Japanese gardens in Australia. This 4.5-hectare garden is located at the northern part of the University of Southern Queensland.

The garden is filled with natural beauty and the home to a waterfall, mountain stream, central lake, dry garden, and Azalea Hill. It also houses native trees and plants from Australia and Japan.

Just like most Japanese gardens, this also uses rocks to create 3D images. Professor Kinsaku Nakane from Kyoto was the one who carefully designed the placement of the rocks.

During the autumn season, you can have a great view of the Japanese maples which make the garden look more colorful and beautiful. In spring, you can admire the masses of lilac blossoms hanging from the garden’s Wisteria Pergola. This is the reason why this spot is one of the most popular wedding backdrops in town.

2. Vietnamese Restaurant

Do you love Vietnamese dishes? If you do, the different Vietnamese dining options in Toowoomba will certainly not disappoint. One of the best Vietnamese restaurants that you should try is no other than Original Saigon. Claiming to be the #1 Vietnamese restaurant in Toowoomba, they promise to deliver authentic, fresh, and healthy Vietnamese cuisines that will surely satisfy your cravings.

This is how it look like when you visit the best authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant’s specialities include the traditional Vietnamese dishes like Pho, Bun and Banh Mi. More than that, the restaurant also offers a wide array of Vietnamese main, side and noodle dishes.

If you’re a vegetarian, you would definitely love the Vietnamese vegan options like garlic bok choy, rice noodles with vegetarian spring rolls, lemongrass tofu, lemongrass tofu spring rolls, and baby bok choy stir-fry. They also offer vegan versions of traditional Vietnamese dishes like Vegan Banh Mi, vegan egg fried rice, vegan Vietnamese fried tofu with tomatoes. They also have gluten-free options. Regardless of what your dietary requirement is, there is something for you to enjoy in this restaurant!

3. Cobb + Co Museum

As an integral part of Queensland Museum, this museum is where you can find the National Carriage Collection which features 59 horse-drawn carriages along with galleries that highlight the history of the town.

More than that, there is always something happening in this museum. You can enjoy a whole lot of activities including talks and tours, programs and a few hands-on workshops including silversmithing, blacksmithing, milling, and lead lighting.

The museum also opened a New National Collection Gallery where visitors can play interactive games that can keep them preoccupied for hours. In there, you can also find the Energy for Life Discovery Centre where you can explore the way on how your body stores and uses energy. You can spend the entire day here and never get bored (even if you are with kids!).

The best thing about this museum is its location. It is just across the iconic Queens Park of Toowoomba, so you can visit it too!

4. Kloud 9ine

If you want to do something adventurous but also wish to stay indoors, this is the park to visit. This trampoline park offers lots of exciting activities for both the kids and kids at heart.

The entire park is divided into five different sections. The first one is the Kloudzone which features 70 interconnected trampolines. The second section is the Dodgeball where you can play the all-time favourite dodge-ball but with a fun bouncy twist!

The third is the ProZone where Olympic trampolines meet high walls and is the perfect place for you to try wall running. Fourth, you can find the Stunt Bag which exhibits a big bag with big air that is designed for higher jump and softer landing.

Last but not the least, you can find the Reception area where you can enjoy delicious snacks and treats paired with freshly brewed coffee. The park also offers party packages and a fun and exciting way to celebrate life’s milestones!

5. Salt Cave

Aside from parks and gardens, Toowoomba is also the home to a Himalayan Salt Cave. This is a man-made salt cave which tourists can visit and experience a relaxing and healing experience.

If you are tired of all the walking and eating that you have done, visiting this cave is genuinely the perfect activity for you! Himalayan salt is known for its detoxifying and immune boosting benefits. It is also said to offer relief to a wide array of health issues including sinus, allergies, asthma, skin disorders and ear infection so if you are suffering from those; you will undoubtedly benefit from a trip to these caves!

The caves also hold meditation and yoga classes. You can also buy barbecue salt plates, bath salts, and Himalayan salt lamps from them!

In Summary

There are lots of things to do and places to visit in the Garden City all year long, but no Toowoomba trip will ever be complete without taking part in the activities that we have mentioned.

A lot of people fall in love with this place simply because it offers the best of both worlds—it has as all the amenities of a growing modern city and at the same time, offers natural beauty that you can only find in the countryside.